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Sarah is self-taught cake artist who quit her day job in 2010 to start High Five Cakes.  She is known for her delicious homemade buttercream and her knack for sculpting incredible, edible masterpieces.  She enjoys traveling to teach, judge and compete at various cake events and is a two-time champion on the Food Network.     

Sarah Myers

Owner/Founder, Lead Cake Artist
SHAUNA 2.jpg

It all started with a desire to make homemade fancy pop tarts.  Previous owner of Smallfolk cafe, Shauna brings her A-game to the kitchen when baking up both wholesome and sinful treats. Shauna is also a published author and dedicated wife & mother.      

Shauna Shanks

Owner, Head Baker

Hannah is a driven young lady with a passion for historic downtown Chillicothe. We adoringly refer to her as our Boba tea flavor genius.  Her most recent concoction involves coconut and lavender... delicious! When she is not working or going to school, there is a good chance she is watching Friends reruns.



Magpie loves Jesus and her dog and she plays guitar for the praise & worship team at her church.  She easily makes people smile & laugh and is loving her job at High Five Cakes because she gets to be creative, make new friends and work in an awesome environment.  We love our Maggie Moo.  



Coming all the way from NOLA, Jade is cupcake extraordinaire, author, wife and mother of 5 littles. With a million hats to wear, the cupcake-girl hat is one of her favorites! She brings what little sanity she has left to the bakery to make goodies for the masses! Jade loves Sunday naps and a good zip-line through a canopy.  At High Five she has a blast whipping up new flavors of cupcakes and laughing with the team!  Her awesomeness is now a taste! 



This is Lauren’s first job!  And she is doing excellent! Lauren loves to read and play video games.  She loves Nintendo Switch.  She also loves to write and is working on her first fictional story!  Lauren loves spending time with friends and she also loves dishes and her boyfriend. We are so happy she has joined our family.


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